Dale Huber

I have worked in and with quality organizations for 25 years. Of all the people that I have worked with Chris Ford has the most knowledge and understanding of quality and regulatory requirements, quality systems and the balancing act between cost, time and quality.

Chris is suberb at writing to the point and practical SOP’s and work instructions. Chris knows all the latest software and computer systems to be able to craft text and picture documents that can easily and repeatedly be followed by co-workers or customers.

What further sets Chris apart is he is the best auditor that I have ever worked with. Chris can quickly figure out a process and know if it is appropriate and being followed. Furthermore Chris understands the pressures and influences to ‘just get it done’ or ‘just get it shipped’ and he consistantly got it right by upholding high standards while effectively handling the polictics and personalities that often come into play when time, cost and quality need to be managed.

For the public record I want to thank Chris for all the knowledge, support and committment that he provided to the team and I.

Dale HuberDirector of Quality SystemsR2 Technology, Inc.